Our Services

Commercial/ Institution Services

The Commercial Sector includes service providing facilities and equipment of businesses; federal, provincial, and local municipalities; and other private and public organizations. Commercial Sector is defined as non-manufacturing business establishments, including hotels, restaurants, wholesale businesses, retail stores, warehouses, storage facilities, and health, social and educational institutions.

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Multi-Residential Services

Multi-Residential includes equipment serving residential strata and non strata buildings that may also contain retail outlets. Mechanical equipment serving domestic and heating water supplies are standard systems expected to be found within these buildings. HVAC/R equipment varies from A/C server room systems, to hallway Make Up Air units. Additional services that may be required such as C02 sensor testing, Backflow Preventer Testing and System Chemical Testing are also managed by Total Energy Systems Ltd.

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Industrial/Plant Services

The Industrial/Plant Sector typically contains manufacturing, metal processing, pulp and paper firms, high tech, and food processing. In particular, it includes fixed pieces of equipment, buildings or complexes used to produce goods in connection with, or as part of, any process or system.

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