Project Details

This project was to upgrade the HVAC system to add cooling into the school and have the entire system integrated to a new BMS so it is able to be controlled automatically. VAVs were added into the ducting system at each classroom for controlling the heating/cooling to the rooms individually with controllers that were integrated into the BMS for feedback. Each classroom has its own thermostat to control the VAV along with a CO monitor to ensure enough fresh air is being provided. New hydronic cooling coils were added to each air handler serving the classrooms to allow for air conditioning which is provided from a new chiller installed on the roof. The existing ductwork throughout the building had to be insulated to prevent condensation from the new air conditioning system. This was a challenging project as all of the work had to take place over the summer break which required pre-planning and coordination amongst all trades involved.
  • Project Title Archbishop Carney Secondary School HVAC Upgrade
  • Client Smith Bros and Wilson
  • Category Industrial HVAC
  • Location Port Coquitlam

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