Project Details

Installed the HVAC and plumbing for the facility building on the property and installed the re-used water system. The facility building consisted of a mechanical room that housed all the re-used water equipment, and HVAC equipment for the electrical room, storage rooms, washrooms and cafe. Two public washrooms and one private washroom for the cafe. Electrical room which required cooling and ventilation. A garbage room and two storage rooms both requiring ventilation. There is a re-used water retention tank on the exterior of the building which all on site storm drainage runs into and from there is pumped through a filtration system to treat the water. That water is then used for toilets and irrigation to help reduce domestic water usage and making it a more environmentally friendly facility. This was an award winning project.
  • Project Title Rainbow Park
  • Client Smith Bros & Wilson
  • Category Industrial HVAC
  • Location Vancouver, BC

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