Redefining Efficiency: Mechanical Construction & Retrofits in Vancouver with Total Energy Systems Ltd.

In need of mechanical systems upgrades or initiating a brand-new construction project?

Your search ends with Total Energy Systems Ltd. (TES). Situated in Coquitlam, BC, and with over 40 years of industry experience, we proudly serve our clients in Coquitlam, Burnaby, Richmond, Langley, Surrey, and Vancouver.

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Our seasoned team specializes in mechanical construction and retrofits, offering innovative and efficient solutions tailored to your HVAC and mechanical system needs. We strive to deliver dependable services and support, keeping your systems performing optimally.

Tailored Mechanical Construction Services

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At TES, we appreciate the uniqueness of every project and employ a customized approach to satisfy specific requirements. Our team collaborates closely with you, from the planning stages to project completion, ensuring that every detail is meticulously handled within your budget and timeline. Our mechanical construction services encompass:

HVAC and Mechanical Systems Design

Our mechanical engineers partner with you to conceive innovative designs that match your energy efficiency, reliability, and occupant comfort needs.

Project Management

Our dedicated project managers oversee the entire process from conception to completion, guaranteeing all project facets are executed on time and within budget.

Systems Efficiency Upgrades

Our retrofits and upgrades enhance your current mechanical systems’ energy efficiency and functionality, thereby reducing energy costs and extending equipment lifespan.

Tenant Improvements

We excel in revamping and retrofitting existing mechanical systems to accommodate tenant improvements, promising a comfortable and efficient workspace.

New Construction

We offer complete mechanical construction for new structures, ensuring all systems are installed in line with regulations.

24/7 Emergency Services Support

Our team is available round-the-clock for emergency repairs and support, ensuring rapid restoration of your systems.

Optimized Efficiency with Mechanical Retrofit Services

TES is here to assist whether you aim to boost efficiency, decrease your carbon footprint, or accommodate building upgrades. We provide mechanical retrofit services to enhance system efficiency and trim operational costs. Our retrofit services include the following:

HVAC Systems Retrofit

Our team can upgrade your existing HVAC systems to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs without compromising occupant comfort.

Plumbing System Retrofit

We can replace outdated plumbing systems to reduce water consumption, increase efficiency, and lower costs.

Boiler Systems Retrofit

Our experts offer proficient retrofits for your boiler systems to decrease gas consumption, trim energy costs, and prolong equipment lifespan.

System Balancing Retrofit

We can balance your current system to ensure optimal operation, curbing the need for expensive repairs and enhancing efficiency across the property.

Backflow Testing and Reporting

We guarantee the safety of your water supply and its correct return to municipal systems through rigorous testing and reporting on backflow prevention devices.

Count on Total Energy Systems Ltd. (TES) as your trusted mechanical service provider in Vancouver, delivering meticulously designed mechanical construction and retrofitting services. Our solutions are crafted to keep your systems running with optimal efficiency and reliability.

Contact us to schedule an appointment, and let our experts handle installing, maintaining, and servicing all your mechanical systems.

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