Keeping Your Industrial HVAC Systems Running Optimally in Vancouver

At Total Energy Systems Ltd. (TES), we understand the critical importance of fully operational HVAC systems in maintaining seamless industrial production processes.

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To this end, we offer comprehensive HVAC oversight services in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our goal is to ensure your HVAC systems operate at peak efficiency, fulfilling the demands of your production processes.

Seasoned Professionals in Industrial Plant HVAC Oversight

TES has years of experience delivering Industrial HVAC oversight services across various industry sectors in Greater Vancouver. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians and engineers possess the skill set necessary to manage and maintain HVAC systems of any size and complexity, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations at your plant.

Preventative Maintenance for HVAC Systems

Our approach to industrial or plant HVAC oversight centers on preventative maintenance. With the belief that prevention surpasses cure, we put into action comprehensive preventative maintenance programs aimed at prolonging the life and enhancing the performance of your HVAC systems.

Our Preventative Maintenance Programs encompass the following services:

  • Scheduled inspections and maintenance
  • Air filter cleaning and replacement
  • Lubrication of moving components
  • Calibration of HVAC controls
  • Airflow testing and balancing
  • Inspection of electrical and mechanical components
  • Repair and replacement of worn or damaged parts

24/7 Emergency HVAC Services

HVAC systems can fail unexpectedly despite meticulous maintenance, particularly under heavy loads. For such emergencies, we provide 24/7 HVAC services across Greater Vancouver. We promptly and efficiently address any unforeseen issues, minimizing downtime and restoring your plant’s operation at the earliest.

Capital Asset Budgeting for HVAC Systems

We acknowledge the complexity of managing plant operations, especially budgeting for HVAC systems. To assist, we provide Capital Asset Budgeting services to facilitate the efficient planning and management of your HVAC investments. This ensures a seamless flow of resources for your plant operations.

TES Installation Programs

We offer TES Installation Programs for new constructions and retrofits alongside our industrial or plant HVAC oversight services. Our proficient technicians and engineers can handle HVAC installations of any complexity or size, ensuring high-quality, timely, and budget-compliant installations.

Our TES Installation Programs feature:

  • Complete “Turn Key” Projects
  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • In-house Fabrication
  • HVAC Construction and Retrofits

Carbon Energy Footprint Reduction

At TES, we are dedicated to minimizing your carbon energy footprint while maintaining the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your plant operations. Our Carbon Energy Footprint Reduction services help identify and eliminate energy wastage, reducing emissions and lowering energy costs.

Choose Total Energy Systems for Reliable and Efficient HVAC Oversight Services

At TES, our mission is to provide thorough, dependable, and efficient Industrial / Plant HVAC Oversight services in the Greater Vancouver area, tailored to your plant’s unique needs.

With our highly skilled team, commitment to preventative maintenance, and focus on energy efficiency and cost reduction, you can trust us to ensure seamless plant operations now and in the future.

Discover how we can be your trusted partner in keeping your industrial HVAC systems running optimally.

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